Lack of Knowledge is the Friend of Inefficiency

Pallet Load Stability is directly related to the following basic principles of Physics: Acceleration, Vibration, Flexing and Forces of Inertia. When we control these basic principles through engineering and industrial improvements its important to pass on this know how to the team of experts in Supply Chain and Manufacturing in their different industries.



Different on-site training modules:

  1. Load Stability Basic
  2. Secondary and Tertiary Packaging
  3. Legislation and Standards
  4. Cargo Securing Intermodal
  5. Process Optimization
  6. Stowing with Straps in accordance with to EN 12195 – Load Rigidity of Pallets in accordance with EUMOS 40509
  7. Application of the European Road Safety Directive 2014/47/EU.
  8. Application of RD 563/2017 Annex 3. Road Cargo Safety . Spain.
  9. Application of Decree Lei 144-2017 Annex 3. Road Cargo Safety . Portugal.
  10. Qualification to become EUMOS Expert according to Standard EUMOS 40607

The preparation of the Course Content is freely chosen by students from 1, 2 or 3 modules in the same group. In companies with Shift Work there is a morning session and an afternoon session to adapt to the 3 shifts from 1 to 2 days to cover the course agenda.

All completed courses are evaluated and diplomas awarded to attendees who complete modules successfully


Professionals who successfully complete pass the test become new employee trainers and are the reference team in all areas related to Secondary and Tertiary Packaging, Cargo Security and the contact persons between the company and VALUEING.

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