Load Stability and Safety on Pallets from A to Z
From Primary Packaging to the Consumer through the entire Logistics Chain

You do it

Lack of Knowledge is the Friend of Inefficiency

The stability of loads on pallets has to do with basic principles of Physics such as acceleration, vibrations, bending moments and the forces of inertia. When we have to harmonize these principles of physics with Industrial reality, it is good to train a team of experts ……

Let's do it together

Finding the Best Practice Together. 1 + 1 = 3

If you pack more than 100,000 pallets a year this may be the best option.

Working together for 1 year will make us find the BEST PRACTICES combining your industrial knowledge as a packer and ours with a 360º vision of the process, the equipment, the operational performance …..

We do it

Latest Technology at known cost. FOREVER

When the Lay-out of the plant allows to make centralized palletizing centers and the number of pallets per year exceeds 100,000 units, the best TCO (Total Cost Ownership) is found questioning absolutely everything. Our know-how will allow you to enjoy a contained cost without immobilizing capital and at a cost linked to ……

We monitor Transportation

Better Chain of Responsibility with data during Transportation

Once the Best Practices are applied in the process, the Best Efficiency of materials, the Stability of Loading and Stowage in accordance with regulations, we lose control of the proper conduction of the carrier and subsequent racking.

SAFE DRIVE (R) is a Monitoring Service of a load throughout …..